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Your air conditioner faces considerable strain under Coral Springs’ hot sun. Years of hard work can eventually lead to problems like refrigerant leaks, resulting in less cooling output from your AC. However, you can restore your AC’s condition and keep your home cool again with a refrigerant leak repair service.

The Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating professionals offer a high-quality refrigerant leak repair service to Coral Springs, FL, residents. No matter the severity of your refrigerant leak, we can find the source and repair it quickly. Our qualified technicians will clean up the leak and ensure your air conditioner is running at its full capacity.

Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

Air conditioner refrigerant, or freon, eliminates heat from the air in your air conditioner, cooling it as it passes over the evaporator coil. Does freon leak when AC is off? No matter your freon leak symptoms, Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating employs skilled technicians who can resolve the leak quickly and effectively.

Other freon leak signs include frozen coils, oil stains around the leak’s location, and poor cooling efficiency. Without enough refrigerant, the coils freeze, significantly reducing airflow and cooling performance. Furthermore, additional leaks may arise as the ice thaws.

Refrigerant evaporates as it leaks, leaving an oily stain around the leaking fluid. While you may not notice this symptom, our AC technicians know what to look for to pinpoint the source. In cases where the leak is hard to find, we can inject dye into the refrigerant line to expose the leak.

With improper refrigerant levels, it takes longer for your AC to cool your home, increasing energy expenses by cooling your interior slowly. If you’re suddenly receiving higher monthly utility bills, you could have a freon leak.

Filter Drier Replacement

Causes of an AC Freon Leak

AC freon leaks occur from general wear and tear. Causes of your air conditioner’s wear and tear include vibration and corrosion. It’s difficult to prevent these issues without regular AC maintenance or a refrigerant leak repair.


Vibrations from the pressure in the AC system’s refrigerant line travel through the rest of the system. As your cooling system operates, the many moving parts inside it vibrate. Eventually, this vibration wears down the damping material and stresses the interior components.


Refrigerant lines typically are copper or aluminum. These metals are not corrosion-resistant and eventually form an acidic build-up that damages them. The longer the pipes corrode, the worse the leak will be.

A refrigerant leak repair from Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating can help you resolve and prevent the severe effects of vibration and corrosion in your air conditioning system. Our team has over ten years of experience fixing refrigerant leaks and more.

What to Expect During Emergency AC Repairs

Don’t wait to contact professionals if you notice a refrigerant leak in your home. A refrigerant leak can cause extensive damage to your floors and other surfaces in little time. When you call Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating, you can expect fast response times and around-the-clock availability.

Our team arrives quickly with fully-stocked vehicles during an emergency AC repair. We locate the refrigerant leak’s source using advanced techniques. Our technicians have the skills to repair refrigerant leaks, their causes, and the subsequent effects.

Our experts understand that a refrigerant leak is a stressful occurrence. You’ll get detailed handiwork and effective repairs from us to improve your AC’s efficiency. We’ll alert you to any additional services you need and help you resolve other repair needs with our transparent communication.

Refrigerant Leak Repairs in Coral Springs

Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating has the high-quality refrigerant leak repair services you need when you need refrigerant leak repairs in Coral Springs, Fl, or beyond. We have state-of-the-art tools, competent technicians, and comprehensive training to repair leaks. No matter your location in the Coral Springs area, we’ll arrive promptly and fix leaks accurately.

Our technicians follow an exhaustive checklist for repairing your AC’s refrigerant leak. We scrutinize the area for symptoms, locate the leak’s source, and treat the cause of the leak. We’ll also recharge your refrigerant to proper levels.

Get the Number One Refrigerant Leak Repair Service in Coral Springs, FL

Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating offers affordable refrigerant leak repairs in Coral Springs, FL. You’ll enjoy dependable service from us that leaves your AC working in top gear.

With our knowledgeable team, you’ll receive expert leak repairs and have a lifelong repair partner in us. Besides repairing refrigerant leaks, we can maintain your AC system, perform other repairs, and replace your old unit.

Is your air conditioner leaking freon? Get a reliable, top-quality refrigerant leak repair from Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating today in Coral Springs, FL! Contact us today for a quote at 754-317-1404.

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