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Living in Coral Springs, FL, the need for a heating system is limited, especially with winter temperatures rarely dropping below 44 degrees. Instead, you may be more concerned with getting the right air conditioner for those sticky 91-degree summer highs. 

What if we told you we can help you prepare for both the unusual yet possible colder temperatures and the inevitable hotter ones, all with one system? 

At Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating, we provide a quality heat pump installation for every resident who relies on us. That means quality heating and cooling power all year round while contributing to lower utility costs than an air conditioning unit or furnace. But first, let’s discuss what a heat pump is.

Heat pumps are a two-part mechanism that warms your home in the winter by sucking heat from the outdoor air, which still exists in cooler temperatures. It turns the air into a refrigerant coolant and then compresses it before moving it into your living quarters. It also works as an air conditioning unit for warmer summers by doing this process in reverse, drawing out warm air from your home.

While heat pumps may not work for every home or in extreme temperatures, they’re ideal for most homes in moderate climates found in Coral Springs.

A heat pump installation will do more than simply supply your home with quality air. For one thing, it’s more cost-effective than forced-air systems like air conditioners or furnaces since it uses electricity to move air around rather than produce your desired temperatures. That creates less stress on your system with the use of ambient air.

Like central air, heat pumps also heat and cool each room evenly, leaving no uncomfortable spots from trapped air. It’s considered a step up from radiators that heat areas closest to them the best and air conditioners that may not reach all rooms. 

Dependability is also a key factor with heat pumps since they have a lifespan of up to 20 years with proper bi-annual maintenance. Contrastingly, furnaces and AC units fall just below that, each with a 15-year average lifespan. Heat pumps are also less prone to damage, requiring fewer repairs and servicing fees in the long run.

Heat Pump Installations

If you’ve decided on a heat pump installation, it’s time to consider your options. Each home has a different amount of square feet of living space. Choosing a system that’s too small or large will result in inadequate heating and cooling or a short cycling system that’ll eventually break down.

Our expert NATE-certified technicians at Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating make it their mission to match each homeowner to the right system so this doesn’t happen. Before installing a system, they’ll measure your home’s overall square feet and, matching each square foot to 30 BTU of power, will determine the right heat pump size. They’ll also help you find the right system according to your budget.

Once installed, our experienced technicians will test your new system, observing it through one full heating or cooling cycle. If there are any concerns, they’ll take care of them immediately. Otherwise, your system is ready for decades of optimal use.

How Much Does a Heat Pump Installation Cost?

A heat pump installation cost for a Coral Springs, FL, home ranges between $5,274 and $6,975, with labor costs up to $150 per hour. However, at Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating, we provide flexible financing and zero-interest payment plans for up to 18 months.

We also have competitive pricing for our top-of-the-line services and high-end equipment from our prestigious manufacturing companies.

In the long run, you can also expect your heat pump to pay for itself by cutting your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%. Their unmatchable efficiency is worth the slightly higher costs of a heat pump installation.

Heat Pump Installers Near Me

If you’re searching “quality heat pump installers near me,” you’ve found us! It’s our goal at Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating to provide Grade-A installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services for heat pumps, as well as air conditioners and furnaces, in Coral Springs and the surrounding areas. 

For over a decade, we’ve mixed quality services with affordable rates, and our technicians treat every job as an exciting challenge. They take pride in their workmanship, listen to each client’s concerns with respect, and are knowledgeable enough to answer any questions one may have. 

When you’re ready to see what our locally owned business can do for your home this coming season, trust our friendly yet professional team. Our 24/7 heat pump installation services are here for you. Contact us via our website or call us at 786-687-2388 to get a free quote today!

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