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Some common AC problems need quick solutions. Don’t wait; call Lion Air Conditioning Cooling And Heating, LLC today to stay cool.

During Florida’s hot summers, some common AC problems lead to expensive replacements without timely intervention. Margate’s 92-degree summer highs require air conditioning to start on demand, but why leave cool air up to chance by skipping your semi-annual maintenance? 

Below, the team at Lion Air Conditioning Cooling And Heating, LLC lists four common air conditioner problems in this kind of climate. As Margate’s air conditioning repair experts, they also discuss why a team with decades of experience may help you avoid costly heating and cooling errors long-term.

1. Water Leakage

With all the evaporation and condensation within a cooling unit, it is no wonder we see the occasional drips of moisture escaping from the outdoor compartment. However, if these drips turn into streams, the system may have a clog in the drain line. Water escapes from the unit by accumulating in the drain pan, but an overflowing pan indicates a blockage that needs quick, professional attention.

Other signs that it is time to call us might include the following:

2. Leaking Refrigerant

Have you noticed an unusual smell in the vicinity of your heating or cooling unit? Refrigerant is a coolant inside your air conditioner that travels through the unit’s coils to cool the air that blows over it. This Freon liquid turns into a gas as it absorbs the warm air to transfer heat back outside of your home. 

Once it reaches the outdoor compartment, the refrigerant condenses back into liquid form. It releases the heat and then returns to the indoor coil to repeat the process. Refrigerant levels never need recharging since they last the entire unit’s lifespan. 

If you notice a constant leak near your system or a lack of cooling power, check for bright-colored yellow-to-green dye stains. Refrigerant leaks can be dangerous for people and the environment, so be sure to call our professionals if you notice any of the following:

You may also notice an overly tight flare connection after an improper installation process.

3. Blowing Hot Air 

While low refrigerant levels cause many common AC unit blower motor problems, many other issues could cause the release of hot air. Your unit goes through multiple steps, so any fault or blockage could derail the cooling process. Warm air coming from the air conditioner could indicate several issues, including the following:

Part of the benefit of professional cleaning sessions is that it keeps these parts working efficiently. Unobstructed airflow takes the pressure off the air conditioning unit’s blower motor, compressor, and other components that would otherwise work harder to control air temperatures. That’s why a team like Lion Air Conditioning Cooling And Heating, LLC includes filter cleaning and air duct checks as part of the recommended service every three to six months.

4. Unit Refusing to Power On 

Sometimes, you need to turn the power off and on again to get the cooling system functioning. If the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped and the power outlet is working, it is likely to be a thermostat issue. 

Are the thermostat batteries dead, or does it have faulty or frayed wires? The unit will not turn on without the batteries and wiring in good working order. It is best to call a professional like Lion Air Conditioning Cooling And Heating, LLC, as soon as possible, especially since this issue could also signal a potential fire hazard.

Get Your System Roaring Again!

Why do these four common problems come up so often? The most common reasons are improper AC installation and a lack of semi-annual maintenance. So, why not stay comfortable this summer with our professional services?

Call Lion Air Conditioning Cooling And Heating, LLC at 754-225-6051 today! We have over a decade of experience and haven’t seen any common AC problems we couldn’t solve in Margate, FL, and surrounding areas.

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