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Fall HVAC maintenance tips go beyond simply turning off the unit until next summer’s inevitable repairs from Lauderhill’s AC repair professionals. Instead, taking time to check it after the warm season ensures that your air conditioner will be ready to use whenever you need it.

Below, Lion Air Conditioning Cooling And Heating, LLC shares a foolproof maintenance checklist that will lower the chances of a unit breakdown.

1. Clean Your Unit’s Air Filters

Have you ever noticed how a ray of sunlight draws attention to dust particles floating in the air? Unfortunately, that’s how our breathing air regularly looks, and it is worse in areas with a low air-quality index. If you live in a congested city, near factories, on busy farms, or with pets that release dander, this air quality deteriorates quickly.

The air conditioner sucks in the surrounding air with all its contaminants, passing it through the air filters before distributing it around the home or business. The filters effectively create healthier breathing air. They also protect your system from internal grime buildup.

Still, neglecting your air conditioner’s filters will always prove problematic. Heavy filter accumulation causes numerous issues, including the following:

That’s why professionals like Lion Air Conditioning Cooling And Heating, LLC recommend changing or cleaning your filters every three months. If your area has poor air quality, change it once a month.

2. Wipe Down the Registers, Grilles, and Air Ducts

If you have central cooling, your HVAC system likely uses air ducts to redistribute air. As it moves from your unit through these passageways, the air releases contaminants. These particles eventually accumulate in hard-to-reach places, which also lowers the system’s energy efficiency.

So, a helpful fall HVAC maintenance checklist should include the following:

Long, winding metal passageways that travel within your walls and ceiling can be difficult to clean thoroughly without the proper tools. That’s why specialized duct cleaning by an HVAC professional goes a long way. For example, our team uses hand-held vacuums, vacuum snakes, pressurized air blowers, and brushes to remove all dirt and grime for a spotless appearance. 

3. Check the Air Conditioner’s Drain Line  

The cooling unit redirects excess humidity to the outside compartment, where it condenses and creates moisture droplets. The drain pan catches this water, moving it outdoors through a drain pipe. However, when debris clogs the drain line, that water remains stagnant and contributes to algae and fungal growth issues. 

What’s the issue with stagnant water? Firstly, it leads to toxic mold and mildew that grows rapidly and affects your health. It also creates a breeding ground for mosquitos, bugs, and other organisms you do not want around your Lauderhill premises. 

Cleaning the line in the fall also removes excess moisture that could freeze in the drain line and evaporator coil. So, a quick wipe-down after the summer could safeguard the system from cracks, ice crystals along the outer perimeter, clogs, infestation, and poor air quality!

4. Schedule Semi-Annual Maintenance In Time

While there’s plenty you can do to protect your unit, nothing beats professional fall maintenance visits. Specialized air conditioning technicians like us take apart the system, clean parts you couldn’t otherwise reach, and see to loose components. If we catch slightly faulty parts at these maintenance sessions, we can also help you prevent more costly replacements. 

Keep Your System Roaring!

A professional can pinpoint problems at the earliest stages during maintenance checks before they lead to higher energy bills, faulty units, and health issues. In fact, these regular visits may save you hundreds on repairs and replacements during the year. By following the list above, you’ll spend less on utilities and maintenance and more time in cool, clean air. 

Call Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating, LLC at 754-225-6051 today to schedule an affordable fall HVAC maintenance visit! We have provided top-notch AC maintenance and other HVAC services over the last ten years in Lauderhill, FL, and surrounding areas.

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