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As the summer temperatures decrease with the arrival of winter, heating maintenance is something to consider in Southwest Ranches. A heating system in top condition will keep your home evenly heated. Getting help from the area’s leading heating maintenance and tune-up service is the first step to a well-heated home.

At Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating, we offer heating maintenance and tune-ups in Southwest Ranches, and beyond. As the number one HVAC company in the area, we prioritize our customers by providing quality services, skilled technicians, quick response times, and noticeable improvements to your furnace or heating system. Come to us for affordable and reliable heating maintenance.

The Purpose of Heating Maintenance Near Me

During Southwest Ranches colder seasons, your heater works hard to keep your home warm. Over time, age, the stress on its moving parts, and other factors contribute to performance issues. Heating maintenance prevents problems with your heating system before they arise.

Your heating system is worth protecting. You can reduce repair frequencies, improve heating performance, and save money by getting preventive maintenance. If you want to avoid costly problems like blower motor failures, short-cycling, or strange sounds coming from your system, heating maintenance is an effective service.

Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating follows heater preventative maintenance that can increase your unit’s longevity. Our team offers over ten years of experience. Whether you have a boiler, furnace, or heat pump, we can inspect it, diagnose problems, and perform a high-quality tune-up.

Reasons to Get an Expert Heating Maintenance and Tune-Up Service

Heating maintenance in Southwest Ranches, is a worthy investment for many reasons. A well-kept heater can improve energy efficiency, increase your savings, and give you these additional benefits:

Preventative Services

You get outstanding preventive services with heating maintenance from Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating. Our team identifies issues before they get worse so you can save money on repairs.

Energy Efficiency

An old boiler or furnace becomes less energy efficient with age. Our technicians inspect your heating unit during a tune-up and make effective changes to increase its efficiency. We’ll replace air filters, clean your system, and more to ensure it runs smoothly.

Improved Safety

Without maintenance, your heating system poses a larger safety risk. Clogged air filters can lead to overheating from improper airflow. With regular maintenance, your system always stays in excellent condition, making it safer to operate.

Increased Savings

Decreased energy efficiency comes with a higher monthly utility bill. You can significantly improve your heater’s performance and increase its longevity by getting heater maintenance. You’ll notice lower monthly expenses as well.

Heater and Furnace Maintenance FAQs

Many homeowners have unanswered questions about their heater or furnace’s maintenance. Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating’s experts answer some of the most common questions below.

Southwest Ranches cold temperatures don’t last long, making a yearly maintenance appointment sufficient for your heating unit. In addition to your annual maintenance appointment, you should perform essential maintenance yourself. How frequently you should replace air filters and clean the unit depends on your type of heating system.

You’ll stay warm and avoid future issues by getting a tune-up before cold weather hits. Although you can get maintenance year-round, it’s best to get it in the fall or beginning of winter. The Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating team recommends getting maintenance in the fall.

During a heating system tune-up by Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating, our technicians follow an extensive checklist so you get the most detail-oriented service. We’ll inspect your heating system, diagnose problems, and perform maintenance tasks.

Our team will check and calibrate your thermostat, replace air filters, clean the inside of the furnace, and test blower motor amperage. We’ll also check airflow pressure, monitor refrigerant levels, tighten loose connections, ensure fan blade alignment, and more. We’ll notify you of severe issues so you can decide whether to get repairs.

Get the #1 Heating Maintenance Service in Southwest Ranches

As the top-rated heating maintenance service in Southwest Ranches, Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating proudly assists area residents. You can depend on us for quality services and longstanding partnerships. No matter the type of heating system you have, we perform effective maintenance and tune-ups to improve its longevity.

We offer a balance of transparent service, affordable pricing, detailed handiwork, and friendly experts. Trust us for all your heating system needs.

Don’t suffer from a poorly performing heating system as winter arrives! Get top-quality heating maintenance from Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating in Southwest Ranches. Contact us today to get a free quote at 754-317-1404.