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What can cause a furnace to stop working without warning? While Florida is far from the coldest state, a properly functioning furnace does take the edge off those chilly days. If it goes wrong, you could be looking at anything from dirty air filters to a broken part, like a blower motor.

Below, the furnace repair experts in Coral Springs explore the main issues.

Simple Thermostat Issues Are Easy To Troubleshoot

There’s nothing more frustrating than a furnace not turning on or providing inadequate heat. The top reason Florida property owners find their furnace isn’t working is a thermostat issue. Check your thermostat as follows:

If these two solutions don’t work, check the thermostat’s batteries. Then, make sure your system hasn’t tripped the circuit breaker. 

A Dirty Furnace Filter Makes the System Work Harder

Is the air filter dirty or clogged? Obstructions prevent proper airflow throughout your furnace. It may lead to overheating, forcing the safety switch to turn off the entire system as internal temperatures soar above recommended levels.

A dirty air filter can also circulate the following throughout your home or business:

All these pollutants lower a home or workplace’s indoor air quality. They force HVAC systems to work harder to achieve the same heating or cooling capacity, which wears down the system and leads to costly repairs. Clean or replace the air filters at least once every three months to be safe.

Gas Line Problems Can Be Dangerous

If the thermostat and air filters are okay, inspect your outside shut-off valve for flowing gas. You can also check by turning on an appliance, like your stove. If other appliances have gas, but there’s a problem with your furnace’s gas supply, you will need professional assistance (an obstructed gas supply won’t let a furnace ignite).

Lastly, check for a gas leak. Do you smell gas? Immediately evacuate your family or employees and call for emergency HVAC services.

A Cracked Heat Exchanger Needs Immediate Attention for Safety Purposes

What can cause a furnace to stop working? Another consideration is the furnace’s heat exchanger. This essential component transfers heat to your home from the unit and warms it up. 

However, continually running heat exchangers will use more energy and often result in cracks and similar damage. These cracks cause accumulating combustion fumes that may eventually lead to leaking carbon monoxide. That’s why it is crucial to call an HVAC technician for heat exchanger issues if you notice the following: 

  1. Foul odors whenever your furnace begins operating
  2. Dirtier surfaces than usual (the furnace releases soot when operating inefficiently)

A Dirty Pilot Light Won’t Work Properly

The pilot light—also called an ignition sensor—lights up when a furnace clicks on. However, a dirty pilot light won’t fire up. Usually, the simple solution requires cleaning it.

It may take five minutes or so for your appliance to start running again. 

Cleaning Dirty Burners Could Solve the Furnace Problem

A furnace’s burners collect rust and dirt, which reduces how much heat it can release. Clean your burners with the following easy steps: 

If none of these steps makes any difference, be sure to reach out to professionals like Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating, LLC. 

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Another great way to avoid malfunctioning furnaces is affordable furnace maintenance in Florida. An expert HVAC crew will be able to diagnose and solve any furnace problem on the spot.

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