June 20, 2023

How Often To Change Furnace Filter in Summer

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Many homeowners forget to change their furnace filters during the summertime. If anything, plenty of people forget that they have a furnace at all during this time of the year. Why would you need a furnace during the hottest time of the year?

However, you need to change your furnace filter during the summer, so you should ask, “How often to change your furnace filter in summer?”

Lion Air Cooling offers trusted heating maintenance in Coral Springs. The experts from this top-notch HVAC company are here to explain what furnace filters are, why you need to change them during the summer months, and signs you need to change your filter.

What Are Furnace Filters?

Furnace filters trap soot and other nasty debris from the airflow. As hot air leaves the furnace, it passes through the filter and becomes clean and safe for you and your family to breathe. A clogged filter can cause serious problems like overheating.

Furnace filters do more than prevent particulates from entering your home. They prevent your unit from overheating and ensure proper functioning. Without quality filters, you will experience hefty energy bills and furnace issues; any furnace, no matter the type or size, needs a clean furnace filter. 

Now that you understand how these ingenious devices work, you can explore the answer to the question, “How often to change your furnace filter in summer?”

Why Change Furnace Filters During the Summer?

Summer brings with it incredible temperatures and beautiful sunshine. However, pollen, dirt, and dust love to travel through the summertime air. We find that many homeowners experience filter clogs during this season.

Do you like to keep your windows open during the summer? Many homeowners crack their windows open to enjoy pleasant temperatures, but those pesky pollutants can find their way inside. 

Ultimately, it’s worth considering what will happen if you don’t change your air filters during the summer or any time of the year. You already understand how furnace filters impact unit performance and how a bad filter will cost you a lot in utility bills. However, did you know that a bad filter can damage your furnace?

Think about it: if your furnace can’t operate properly because of a clogged filter, it will experience serious strain just trying to keep up with demand. Over time, that extra pressure puts wear and tear on the furnace parts, reducing their lifespan and potentially damaging it beyond repair. Dirt could even seep into the furnace and break precious, irreplaceable components, like the heating element.

Filters also ensure your home’s indoor air quality. Pollen can cause allergies to flare up, while other pollutants may cause more serious respiratory issues, especially among those with pre-existing conditions like asthma. Put your health first and install a filter replacement on a regular basis.

However, now that you know why you should change your furnace filters during the summer, you might still be asking the question, “How often to change your furnace filter in summer?” The answer to this question is, ideally, every 30 days, although you may want to swap filters every 60 days based on your personal preference.

Signs You Need To Change Your Furnace Filter

What are the signs that you need to change a filter? Let’s review some tell-tale indicators that you need to swap out your filter.

Have you noticed dirt or dust buildup on the filter itself? Obviously, it’s normal for a filter to have some debris on it. Yet a filter completely covered in particulates won’t work properly and warrants replacement.

This dust buildup can travel beyond your filter and affect the air quality in your home. Check your furniture and surfaces throughout your home. If you notice dust or other pollutants congregating on these items, chances are, you need to swap your furnace filter out as soon as possible.

You may also find more subtle signs of filter issues, however. Remember how a bad filter can impact your energy bills? Check your latest bill; is there anything out of the ordinary about it?

Furnace Experts in Coral Springs

You now understand the answer to the question, “How often to change your furnace filter in summer.” However, you need professionals that can provide you with quality HVAC care year-round. No matter what problem you experience, Lion Air Cooling has your back.

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