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For heating and cooling your home, a ductless mini-split system is an excellent addition for houses without ductwork. You can also keep your family nice and cool using a ductless AC system. 

However, you’ll still need regular maintenance for the best results. Despite their reliability, you might still require an occasional ductless mini-split repair in Coral Springs, FL. 

Our Lion Air Conditioning Cooling And Heating, LLC team can help whether you have a minor or more extensive issue. We also provide reliable duct cleaning services in Coral Springs, FL

Common Ductless Mini-Split Issues

Your typical ductless mini-split system can last ten to 30 years with the proper maintenance. The best cure for issues is implementing preventative measures, like having our team inspect your system at least once a year. 

Even with the proper maintenance, however, issues can still occur. 

Dirty Air Filter or Air Handler

Your ductless mini-split system’s indoor unit contains an air filter and an air handler. Check your air filter for dust, dirt, and other debris to rule out more serious issues. A filthy or clogged air filter can quickly restrict airflow and spread nasty contaminants. 

The issue could also be your air handler. Your air handler’s responsibility is to push cool or hot air throughout your home. Unfortunately, dust, dirt, and debris can pile up on your blower’s wheel, reducing comfort, increasing energy bills, and constricting airflow. 

Fortunately, you can change or clean your air filter yourself. However, you may not have the tools for the blower. That’s where our team can help. 

Other Reasons Your Mini-Split System Isn't Blowing Cool Air

A dirty air filter or air handler can sometimes restrict airflow. These two issues can easily be fixed with our ductless mini-split repairs in Coral Springs, FL. However, occasionally the culprit might involve a more severe issue. 

A Refrigerant Leak

Any ductless air conditioning system needs refrigerant to operate alongside adequate airflow across its evaporator coils and condenser. When your system is blowing, but there's no cold air, you might have a refrigerant leak.

One clear refrigerant leak sign is if you have ice or frost buildup on your outdoor air conditioning unit. Additionally, a buildup of debris like dirt on your outdoor unit can reduce airflow.

A foul odor similar to vinegar or mold might also indicate you have a refrigerant leak.

Electrical Damage or Power Issues

If your ductless mini-split air system isn't running at all, you may have an electrical issue. Start by ensuring your system is still on, then check your breaker box. Most outdoor units have an alternative switch for turning off the power.

Check for obvious damage signs to all of your electrical connections. Our team can inspect and find the issue if you don't spot any.

Your Mini-Split Is Leaking Water

Another common problem is when your system leaks water. Common causes for mini-splits leaking water include:

> Dirty air filters that lead to frozen coils, causing water to leak when thawed out

> A damaged drain pan or a clogged drain line

Other Signs You Need a Ductless Mini-Split Repair

Sometimes it can be easier to tell when you need an air conditioning repair or a ductless mini-split repair in Coral Springs, FL. Other signs, however, can be less noticeable, such as: 

Higher energy bills

If you suddenly have higher bills that you can't easily explain, you may have an issue with your ductless mini-split system. This issue could be a specific problem that needs addressing or typical wear and tear.

You keep hearing strange sounds

Damaged parts inside your unit will make abnormal sounds as they ramble around. For example, squealing may indicate you need to replace your fan motor belt.

A decline in overall efficiency

As your system ages, its efficiency decreases. When your system starts approaching the 20-year mark, it typically takes significantly longer to heat or cool your home, even with regular maintenance.

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A ductless mini-split system offers numerous benefits like improving indoor air quality, keeping your family cool, and reducing energy bills. 

However, you may occasionally experience issues that require repair or replacement. When you do, our team will provide the best ductless mini-split repair in Coral Springs, FL. 

You can also learn about our trusted heat pump installers in Coral Springs by calling Lion Air Conditioning Cooling And Heating, LLC, at (754) 227-2395
Ductless Mini-Split Repair in Coral Springs, FL.