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We understand that you want help quickly if your air conditioning system stops working in West Palm Beach. You can reach out to our team at Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating, LLC, to get prompt help with all your needs.

We use our years of training and experience to handle air conditioning repair services for commercial and residential properties. Our licensed, bonded, and insured crews know how to deal with major and minor problems to keep you cool all summer long.

You can easily set up an appointment or get a free quote when you reach out to us at 786-687-2388.

Signs You Need AC Repair in West Palm Beach

How do you know when you require AC repair for your home or business in West Palm Beach? You may reach out to the professionals right away if your cooling unit stops working completely. However, smaller issues may also indicate that it’s time for a repair appointment.

Reach out to us for assistance if you notice:

Higher Energy Bills

Have your monthly energy expenses started to increase? This situation could indicate an issue with your cooling system. AC units often become less effective if they experience a problem, causing them to run more frequently and incur higher energy costs.

Strange Smells

Do strange, musty smells come out of the vents around your home or business? These odors could indicate a problem with your AC system. We’ll assess the causes of the smells and take steps to resolve the issue in West Palm Beach.

Uneven Cooling or Warm Air

Your AC unit should not blow warm air if you have the thermostat set on cooling. However, you may notice this issue if the motor continues to work while the cooling elements fail or freeze over. Contact us for help addressing the problem right away.

Frequent Cycling

Air conditioners cycle on and off during their regular operation. However, they should not immediately kick on and off. Repeatedly turning off in the middle of a cooling cycle may indicate severe problems with the system or overheating issues.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters capture dirt and contaminants in your air vent system. These filters naturally become dirty over time and require replacement. However, unusually dirty filters could indicate a problem with the system.

Odd Noises

You may also hear loud or strange noises while your AC unit runs. Reach out to the professionals if you hear banging, clanking, screeching, or grinding sounds from your air conditioning system to get immediate help.


Finally, you may notice water leaking out around your AC unit. In some cases, leaks may indicate a problem with your refrigerant system. We can assess the leaks and provide you with professional repairs to resolve the issue.

Looking for AC Repair Near Me? Contact Us for Air Conditioning Repair

Consider reaching out to our team for the professional AC support you deserve. Our company has over a decade of experience taking care of AC repairs in the West Palm Beach area.

We use our knowledge and experience to assess your unique needs. We handle every step of the repair process. Technicians treat you respectfully while delivering prompt service so you don’t have to wait in the heat.

We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and work to keep our prices affordable. Find out more about the services we offer. Reach out to Lion Air Conditioning today for a free consultation.

Air Conditioning Repair

Issues to Check Before Calling an Air Conditioning Service Company

Our AC repair technicians are standing by to assist with your needs. However, you may want to check a few common issues before contacting us for repair services. In some cases, you can get your unit functioning properly again in only a few moments.

Assess Your Thermostat

The thermostat controls the function of your AC unit. Before reaching out to an air conditioning service company, ensure the thermostat has the correct setting and you’ve set it to “cooling.” You should also check that the batteries in the unit work and replace them if they have worn out.

If your AC unit refuses to turn on after checking out your thermostat, reach out to our team for professional assistance.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Did you find no issues with your thermostat but your AC unit still refuses to come on? In this situation, we recommend that you check your circuit breaker. You can usually find the circuit breaker in your garage or another out-of-the-way area.

Look at the circuit that supplies power to your AC unit. If the circuit flipped, move it back into the correct position and see if the unit begins to operate.

Change Your Air Filter

Air filters help remove particulates from your ventilation system. These filters catch debris like:

● Dirt
● Dust
● Pollen
● Pet danger
● Mold spores

Over time, the debris captured by the filter can clog it up. These clogs reduce the amount of airflow through your AC system. This situation reduces the efficiency of your AC unit and may lead to more severe issues, even a breakdown.

Regularly changing the air filter can prevent this problem. Most AC units come with manufacturer recommendations about how often to change the filter. Consider replacing a clogged filter if you notice problems with the AC system to see if that resolves your issue.

Check Out the Outside Unit

Your outdoor unit does most of the work generating cool air for your home or business in West Palm Beach. Before contacting us for air conditioning repair, we recommend that you walk around the unit and assess its condition.

Remove any debris that got caught against the vents of the unit. For example, leaves, cut grass, or weeds can all hinder the function of your outdoor unit. You can also check the blades to see if they appear bent or damaged.

However, don’t try to straighten the blades yourself. Reach out to an AC repair professional for help straightening any damaged blades. We can reach your property quickly to handle these repairs for you.

What to Look for in an AC Servicing and Repair Company

We understand the importance of selecting the right AC repair company to address your needs in West Palm Beach. You can find a team to handle the repair process by researching local companies. You can even ask for recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers.

Ensure that you read online reviews before selecting a company to handle repairs for your home or business. Online reviews often provide you with information directly from customers who have worked with the repair company.

The experts suggest that you only work with a company with a valid license number and insurance for its technicians. Finally, choose a company that provides you with a written estimate about the costs for service and the time frame to finish your project.

Find out more about air conditioning repair by reaching out to Lion Air Conditioning today.

How We Handle Your AC Repairs in West Palm Beach

Our team walks you through each step of the AC repair process to increase your confidence about our job results. We begin by assessing the problems with your system. Then, you may provide us with more information through a phone call or using our online contact form.

After we detect the problem, our technicians:

Visit Your Property

We move quickly to handle AC unit problems in West Palm Beach. Crews generally bring all the equipment and parts they need to handle repairs. We service all makes and models of AC units and keep the appropriate equipment in stock to make the repair process easy.

Inspect Your AC Unit

Once we reach your property, we will perform a more in-depth inspection of your AC unit. If we believe we can fix the problem immediately, we’ll discuss the repair options. If you have a more severe case, we’ll speak with you before ordering any parts and setting up another appointment.

Take Care of Repairs

You can generally stay at your home or business while we take care of AC repairs. We work quickly to fix issues with the compressors, refrigerant lines, motor, relays, and other components. If you have questions, our friendly technicians will give you the answers you want.

Inspect the System

Once we finish our repairs, we’ll check that your AC unit now functions correctly. Finally, we clean up any mess resulting from our repair process. We’ll leave your property in the same condition as we found it.

FAQs Regarding Air Conditioning Repair

We know you may have many questions about repairing your AC unit in West Palm Beach. You can reach out to our team at any time to get direct answers to your questions. We’ll also cover some common questions about AC repairs right here.

Most air conditioning units last for around 10 to 15 years if they get proper maintenance throughout their working life. However, some of them may last longer than others depending on the quality of the unit’s workmanship.

You may want to consider replacing your old unit if it’s over a decade old. You may also want to replace it if you’re spending a lot of money on repairs. The experts generally recommend replacement if repairs cost more than 30% of the price of a brand-new unit.

The cost to repair your AC unit in Coral Springs varies due to several factors. The cost may fluctuate due to the kind of unit you have and the severity of the problem. For example, repairs may cost more if the unit requires expensive parts to repair.

We’ll provide you with a quote for the cost of repairs before we begin the work. Our quote helps you make an informed decision moving forward.

The time frame for your repairs depends on how much work we need to do to restore your system. We keep many repair parts on hand, but we may have to order parts for some older AC units. This step may increase the time to finish repairs.

We work as quickly as possible to get your unit operational again without cutting corners. Allow us to provide you with an estimate today.

Your AC unit may begin making strange sounds before or during a breakdown. Different noises indicate a variety of problems. For example, you may notice:

  • Ticking or smacking if something got stuck in the blower blades
  • Ratting if the system has loose hardware or a failing motor
  • Squealing if the unit has a damaged belt or motor bearing issues
  • Banging or clanging if there’s a problem with the motor or blower assembly
  • Clicking if the unit has a relay problem


Our team has the experience and training to identify any strange noises coming from your AC unit. We use our understanding of the AC system to diagnose your unit’s issue and promptly handle all repairs. With our help, you can quickly get back to your routine.

Sooner or later, any AC system will wear out and break down. However, you can extend the lifespan of your unit with regular AC servicing. Our team recommends once-yearly service appointments for most AC units.

However, you may want to set up two appointments a year if you have an HVAC system in West Palm Beach. HVAC units take care of both heating and cooling your home. As a result, they work more than standalone AC systems.

How to Tell When Your Ductless Mini-Split System Needs Cleaning

If you have a ductless mini-split system, you’re already aware of the advantages that come along with them. Still, to keep reaping those benefits, clean the filters thoroughly each month, removing dust, dander, and other debris. 

Unfortunately, even with optimal care on your part, and bi-annual professional cleaning and maintenance checks, you must recognize the signs that your system needs an unscheduled cleaning.

  • Heightened symptoms of respiratory illnesses: Your system is constantly moving air back and forth from outdoors. With it comes pollutants, pollen, dirt, and dander, which trigger sneezing, coughing, asthma attacks, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. A thorough professional cleaning of all moving parts, courtesy of Lion Air Cooling, enhances indoor air quality and reduces symptoms.

  • Rising electric bills: If pollutants clog your vents, quality air is not getting through. The system will then use more energy to produce your desired indoor temperature, resulting in higher utility costs. 

  • Unusual Odors: Clogged vents also mean improper circulation. If air has a hard time passing through your home, odors linger longer than they should. A proper cleaning from one of our specialists will remove dead insects, pet dander, and other allergens for a like-new feel.

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