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It is nearly impossible to enjoy Florida weather without air conditioning at least some of the time. Is your air conditioner having trouble keeping up with rising temperatures? Don’t spend the season worrying that your air conditioner will fail at the worst possible time.

Think about upgrading or replacing your air conditioner. Air conditioning installation specialists have tight schedules and often higher prices in the height of summer. If you live in the Miramar area, Lion Air Conditioning Heating and Air can give you a new, efficient air conditioner at a great price.

Do I Need AC Replacement or AC Installation Services?

Is your air conditioner on its last legs? You might be deciding whether to fix it now or try to squeak by for another year, but waiting might not be the best move. The benefits of air conditioner installation might outweigh the costs in the following situations.

You Have High Cooling Bills

Clogged air filters, damaged coils, a worn-out motor, and other problems can cause your air conditioner to work too hard. That extra effort can send your air conditioning bills sky high and wear out your AC. Check your electricity bill for unexplained increases in usage.

If you replace your air conditioner before summer, you can slash your energy bills immediately. Consider the lower bills to be an extra discount on your AC system. Keeping your energy bills low helps the environment as well, making efficient air conditioner installation a win-win.

Your Air Conditioner is Over Fifteen Years Old

Even if you maintain them well, air conditioning systems only last for so long. After ten or fifteen years, parts begin to fail. The efficiency of your air conditioner decreases. Don’t spend your money on a system you’ll toss in a year or two when you can have a reliable, smoothly-running system instead.

Many Parts of Your Air Conditioner System are Failing

Even newer air conditioners can fail if they’re installed incorrectly, lack preventive maintenance, or have insufficient power for the home they were cooling. If your AC is worn out, don’t wait for it to fail. Take action today.

Repair costs can add up, especially if you wait for each component to fail before booking a repair call. A new air conditioner is a significant expense, but so are frequent repair calls. Even if your air conditioner is less than ten years old, getting rid of it now might be a cost-effective decision.

If your air conditioner has worn out before its time, talk to an experienced air conditioning technician about protecting your new air conditioner. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance at least once a year to keep your filters and ductwork clean and check for wear and tear.

Your Air Conditioner is Degrading Your Air Quality

If the air coming out of your air conditioner vents smells musty or dirty, your filters and ductwork might need cleaning, or there might be more serious problems with your heating or air conditioning system. If mold or other contamination gets into your central air system, it could spread.

Air Conditioner Installation Costs Might Increase Next Year

In recent years, prices have gone up for many commodities and services. It is impossible to say what prices will be like next year. If current trends continue, you might have to pay more next year if you put off replacing your air conditioner. Protect yourself from inflation by replacing or upgrading your air conditioner this year.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Air Conditioning System

If your air conditioner is struggling, you might think of air conditioner replacement as just a repair expense. Air conditioning replacement does more than just give you your old air conditioner. It can improve your quality of life in ways you might not expect, particularly if you have an older air conditioner.

Smart air conditioners give you a new level of convenience and control. Newer air conditioners are more efficient, quieter, and provide more consistent cooling.

If your air conditioner is overpowered or overpowered, it can reduce efficiency, wear out the system, and lead to inconsistent cooling. If you have made home improvements since buying your old air conditioner, you can optimize your new air conditioner to your current home cooling needs.

Upgrading your air conditioning system gives you the freedom to explore a range of cooling system technologies. If you have central air or window-mounted air conditioners right now, consider the benefits of switching to a mini-split or geothermal air conditioning system. The Lion Air Conditioning Heating and Air team will be happy to explain all of the options.

Central Air Conditioning Installation

Many of our customers already have central air conditioning. Choosing to replace your old central air conditioning system with a new central air system could save money if you can save the ductwork and other components that are still in good repair.

However, it might be beneficial to replace the ductwork, indoor unit, and outside unit together rather than creating a hybrid system of old and new parts. Your air conditioning technician will make recommendations based on the condition of your current system.

Mini Split Air Conditioning

Mini-Split systems use individual wall-mounted air conditioning units instead of ductwork to convey cool air within your house. The main advantage of mini-split air conditioning systems is that they let you control air conditioning individually for each room. It can increase energy efficiency, especially if you only need to air condition some rooms occasionally.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are a cost-effective and fuel-efficient choice for homeowners in warm climates like Miramar. Instead of spending energy heating and cooling air, heat pumps work by moving hot air out of your home in the summer and moving hot air into your home in winter.

The heat pump can replace your air conditioner. You won’t need to use your furnace unless the temperature drops below freezing.

Finding Air Conditioning Installation Near Me

Fortunately, homeowners have many resources to help them find quality air conditioning in their area. Neighborhood organizations will often recommend local contractors. Online review sites provide business profiles, reviews, and ratings. Consumer advocacy groups and organizations like the Better Business Bureau rate local businesses and record complaints.

When evaluating an air conditioning installation contractor, consider both positive and negative reviews and their reasons. Look at the companies’ social media sites to get a sense of their relationship with the community. Seek out companies that go out of the way to solve customer problems and address concerns.

Our Air Conditioning Replacement Process

Are you wondering what to expect when you call Lion Air Conditioning Heating and Air to replace your air conditioning system? We’ll outline our hassle-free process so that you can take the first steps with confidence.

  • have a consultation with a professional air conditioning technician who will work with you to understand your needs
  • get a free estimate with no pressure or obligation
  • discuss modern air conditioner models from trusted manufacturers 
  • create a detailed air conditioner installation plan
  • if you are ready to replace your air conditioning system, schedule a service time that is convenient for you
  • our technician will arrive promptly with your new air conditioner
  • our technicians will work quickly to install your new air conditioning system
  • we will clean up the work area meticulously when we finish our work


Our job isn’t done when we finish the walk-through and sign off on the project. We stand by our air conditioners and our installation process.

AC installation

An Air Conditioning Installation Company You Can Trust

Replacing your air conditioning system is a long-term investment in your home. You should be able to count on your air conditioner for consistent and efficient cooling for 10 or 20 years. The air conditioner installation technician should be able to:

  • help you choose the appropriate air conditioner for your home
  • use the right tools to install your AC system properly without causing any damage to walls, floors, or other structures
  • provide tips on preventative maintenance to keep your system running well
  • stand by their system with a satisfaction guarantee and a warranty on parts and installation  


Avoid inexperienced or inattentive technicians and companies that do not stand by their products.

FAQs Regarding AC Installation

You should not continue to use an air conditioner that is unsafe due to mold or electrical problems. However, you can extend the life of an air conditioning or HVAC system that is near the end of its lifespan.

Preventative maintenance, including filter replacement and vent cleaning, is one important step. Improved airflow reduces wear on the blower motor and improves efficiency. Fixing or replacing sensors and electrical components before they fail can prevent situations where the AC runs abnormally, a potential source of damage.

Keeping the outside unit free of debris allows heat to radiate into the air. Otherwise, the AC could operate inefficiently, and the outside unit could overheat. Winterizing your AC in the fall to protect it from snow, freezing rain, and storm debris, increases the chance your AC will be in working condition the following spring.

In most cases, we can install an air conditioning unit in a single day or a mini-split system in a day or two. Complete replacement of an HVAC system usually takes a few days. Although our technicians at Lion Air Conditioning Heating and Air arrive at your home fully prepared for the installation, sometimes unforeseen events delay the installation. If there is a delay, we will always be transparent with you about the cause of the delay and what we are doing to fix it.

We believe that nobody should have to endure Florida summers without air conditioning for financial reasons. Let us arrange financing for you. We’ll find a payment plan that works for your budget. The money you save on lower heating bills and repair costs could offset some of your finance costs.

Schedule Air Conditioning Installation Service with Lion Air Conditioning Heating and Air

Lion Air Conditioning Heating and Air, in Miramar, is an accredited, A-rated business. We have experience in air conditioning installation and repair and a decade of experience with all common types of air conditioning installation, replacement, repair, and preventive maintenance.

Contact us today before our time slots fill up for the peak spring and summer. Reach us by phone at 754-317-1404 or send a request through our website. We look forward to working with you and becoming the company you count on for quality air conditioning systems in Miramar.

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