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Your AC compressor is one of the most crucial HVAC components. Like any other mechanical part, it will eventually give out. When that happens, you’ll need to call a professional for AC compressor replacement in Coral Springs, FL. 

Lion Air Conditioning Cooling and Heating has served Coral Springs, FL, and surrounding areas for over ten years. We offer AC repair, replacement, and installation for a fair and affordable price. Next time you need professional AC repair services in Coral Springs, give us a call. 

What Does an AC Compressor Do?

AC units use refrigerant fluid to extract heat from the atmosphere and produce cold air. Your AC compressor is responsible for compressing refrigerant into a low-pressure liquid so it can absorb heat. When the refrigerant is a liquid, it absorbs heat and expands into a gas. When the refrigerant is a gas, it lets off heat and condenses into a liquid. 

Your AC compressor controls this cycle to maintain a consistent temperature. So, when it breaks, it creates a cascading effect that can wreak havoc on the rest of your HVAC system if left unchecked. 

Signs You Need to Replace Your AC Compressor

Below are some common signs that you need to replace your air conditioner compressor. 

No Cold Air

Since the compressor is responsible for creating cold air, one of the most common signs of a broken compressor is a lack of cool air. If your AC only produces hot air no matter how you set the thermostat, the culprit could be a bad AC compressor.

Strange Noises

Mechanical failures can cause your compressor to make a clattering or clunking sound whenever it is on. You can sometimes feel the compressor vibrating if you put your hand on the unit. If you notice excessive vibration, turn off your AC unit and replace the compressor. Letting the unit run could cause further damage.

Your AC Takes a Long Time to Start Up

If your compressor is in bad condition, it has a more challenging time pressurizing coolant lines, meaning your AC takes longer to kick into full gear. If you notice that your AC takes longer than usual to start blowing cold air, then the problem is likely a malfunctioning compressor.

Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

The compressor uses electricity to turn the screws that compress air. If your compressor breaks, it might draw too much power, causing a circuit breaker trip. If your circuit breaker frequently trips when your AC kicks on, the problem is likely the compressor pulling too much current.

Energy Bills Increase

Another common sign of a broken AC compressor is rising energy bills. A broken compressor needs more electricity to get the same outcome. The result is that your utility bills go up while AC performance stays the same--or gets worse as the compressor ceases to function.

How Much Does an AC Compressor Replacement Cost? says the average cost to replace an AC compressor is between $600 and $1,200, including parts and labor costs. Several factors affect the price of AC compressor replacement in Coral Springs, FL, including:

AC Unit Size

All other things being equal, the larger your AC unit, the more expensive AC compressor replacement will be. Manufacturers denote AC size in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The typical residential AC consumes about 25,000 BTUs.

Compressor Type

Modern AC units use three primary types of compressors. All perform the same function but use different mechanisms.

Reciprocating compressors are the oldest type and use a small piston to pressurize coolant lines. Reciprocating compressors are relatively efficient and are usually the least expensive type of compressor.

Screw compressors use rotating interlocking helical screws to draw in and compress air. Screw compressors are highly reliable but tend to be more expensive.

Rotary compressors feature rotating blades inside a graduated cylinder to move and compress air. Rotary compressors are less common but are still efficient and reliable.

HVAC System Condition/Age

Your AC system’s condition may also affect costs. The older your system, the more expensive it will be to repair versus the replacement cost. If your AC system is over 15 years old, you might save more money in the long run by installing a new system.

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